Expatriate Lifestyle Column

Expatriate Lifestyle magazine asked me to write a monthly column for them here in KL. These articles are not written in my capacity as a Deputy Head but rather as parent who happens to be a teacher. These articles are based on my family’s life since arriving in Asia, and make reference to my beliefs around growth mindset, the ‘Do as I do’ rather than the ‘Do as I say’ principle and how the brain likes to learn.

Just click on the magazine to get a link to the article.  Hope you enjoy them! 

January 15

January 2015 – Mind over minecraft

February '15

February 2015 – KL without maps and manuals

March '15

March 2015 – Should I stay or should I go?

April '15

April 2015 – Travel: extraordinary to ordinary and back again

school camp

May 2015 – So what’s the point of school camp?

Parental engagement Susan Walter Deputy Head (GIS) Parental engagement Susan Walter Deputy Head (GIS) Garden International

June 2015 – Parental Engagement in School Life