Start With Why?

Why I Recommend This Video

Start With Why clearly and succinctly explains why organisations and people that have a purpose/belief are wildly more successful than those that just “do stuff”.

  • Length: 18.00 Minutes
  • Watch the lot? Yes, but 1.55 to 8.00 is the core

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Why It’s Of Value To Me

Teaching can be a stressful job in many ways. The responsibility for the progress and development of 30 small people in your care for a year is huge, and maintaining a positive, energetic approach every day is hard work. That is why it is fundamental that everyone within our school maintains a focus on WHY we are doing this job. I am a teacher because I want to make a difference. I teach in my current school because we all want to make a difference. Keeping everyone associated with our school focussed on educating children so they have the best possible choices (the Why?) is vital.

The model of The Golden Circle is particularly valuable for this. I have used it constantly since being introduced to it by @Jhpjm in London, to, in the words of Jim Collins in Good To Great, ensure we “have the right people on the bus”.

Key Points from Start With Why?

    • Why are some people able to achieve things that others aren’t: 0.00 to 1.20
      • Apple – just the same as everyone else
      • Martin Luther King – not the only man who suffered in pre civil rights America
      • The Wright Brothers – other teams better qualified, better funded
    • Something else at play here 1.21 to 1.55
    • The Golden Circle – Why? How? What?

      • Inspired Organisations think from Why? to What? 1.56 to 3.18    sinek-golden-circle-e1378664887408
  • Apple – we believe in challenging the status quo 3.19 to 4.30
  • People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it 4.31 to 5.40
    • The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe 5.41 to 7.50
      • The Limbic Brain 
  • Hire people who believe what you believe 7.51 to 17.20

    • The Wright Brothers – driven by a belief – change the world 7.51 to 11.00
    • Innovators do it for themselves 11.01 to 13.30
      • Failure – TIVO – told you What?
      • Success – Martin Luther King – I believe 15.20 to 17.20
        • Didn’t say “I have Plan”
  • Leaders and those who lead 17.21 to 18.00
    • we follow those who lead for ourselves


People don’t buy what you do, they buy


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