Learning Pit

Why I Recommend This Video

It not only provides a strong argument for the benefits of children struggling to find their own answers but also provides an understandable and executable structure. I’ve highlighted the key areas with the times they appear in “Key Points” below.

  • Length: 11.30 Minutes
  • Watch the lot? Yes

Backup link: https://vimeo.com/128462566

Why Its Of Value To Me

Key to my current responsibilities is providing ideas and tools to help teachers continue to improve the quality of the learning in their classrooms. I’ve used The Learning Pit in London in the past as part of the conversation around how to embed this, but was reminded of it again by a tweet from @JamesNottinghm and am now including it in my toolkit.

Key Points from The Learning Pit

  • Question to Challenge to Wonder Together: 0 to 2 mins
  • Cognitive Wobble – Intellectual Dilema 2.00 to 2.11
  • The Learning Pit
    • Concepts more than facts: 2.12 to 3.24
    • Creating Conflicting Ideas: 3.25 to 4.32
      • Get them thinking more by challenging and questioning: 4.33 to 5.50
      • Depth of language 5.51 to 6.00

        Learning Pit Steps

        Learning Pit – Depth Of Language Steps

      • Skills – Life, Study, Exam 6.01 to 6.20
      • Collaboration – “odd socks” create eureka! 6.21 to 7.26
    • Construct 7.27 to 8.56
      • “I found it!”
      • Share
      • can you get the sense of eureka without struggle?
    • Consider – ask meta cognitive questions 8.57 to 9.19
  • Summary 9.20 – 11.30/end
    • build resilience and learning strategies
    • get into growth mindset – Carol Dweck
    • not about memory
    • What about The Bright Kids? 
      • help others out of pit and get challenged
      • get into complexity and really work together


Children have to struggle to find their own answers in order for learning to be meaningful

The Learning Pit provides a structure to help them with this

Backup link: https://vimeo.com/128462566