Helpers Have Kids Too

Why I Recommend This Video

All across the world, but particularly in Asia, many families are fortunate to have the assistance of a Helper, Maid, or Auntie. Many of these Helpers have children of their own who have been left back in their home countries. This video succinctly highlights the modern world oxymoron of the Aunties’ caring so lovingly for their families children while missing their own

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Length: 7 minutes

  • 0 – 120  Six Aunties in Unsung Heroes snappily introduce key points in personal talking head style
  • 121 – end Choir sing “I wish I could kiss you goodnight”

Watch the lot? Yes

Why Its Of Value To Me

The choir in the video “The Hong Kong Unsung Heroes” are all Aunties who have children of their own in their home country which brings authenticity and emotion to the song and makes the points I want get over to students in my schools in a fast impactful and memorable way.

Key Points On Helpers Have Kids Too

  • Many children in International Schools are unaware their Auntie has children of her own
  • An inclusive education benefits from students accessing real life ironies which show that life is not fair but that they can make a real difference by understanding their own world and reflecting this in their everyday behaviour
  • The bullet points are clear and impactful
  • The talking heads are personal, poignant and connect
  • The chorus sums up the message and is so memorable that students sing it for days after:

If I had one wish,

It would simply be this:

I wish I could kiss you goodnight.

Bottom Line

Students love the song and it helps them quickly access the modern world oxymoron that their Aunties love them so much, but also have their own kids that they rarely see – this creates a fertile opportunity for further discussion.

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