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Here are some of the education videos that I find helpful and/or use on a regular basis in my job. If you are interested in my view of them, click on the thumbnail for the video and it will take you to a link and a summary of:

  • video length
  • should you watch the lot or just go to specific key points
    • I highlight my view on these with timings further down the page
  • why I find the video is of value in my job
  • a thumbnail with a link to the video
    • includes bullet points of key messages to look out for
  • why I like the video and how I came across it
  • key points with timings
    • so you go straight the areas you are interested in

Please feel free to add your own thoughts on each education video on the comments section on the relevant page.

Learning Pit

Children have to struggle to find their own answers in order for learning to be meaningful – The Learning Pit provides a structure to help them with this

Susan Walter (GIS) Garden International School Deputy Head

It’s not what you do it’s WHY you do it

Parents Helping With Homework GIS Susan Walter Garden International School Deputy Head

Parents Helping with Homework

5 Dysfunctions Susan Walter Deputy Head GIS Garden International School

5 Dysfunctions of a Team – Lencioni