21CL 2018, Hong Kong, Jan 17 – 20

21CL Conference website summary of Susan Walter’s presentation “Using Data To Support Pupil Well Being

21CL “Susan Walter is an advocate of the use of data from a wide range of assessments to help schools in delivering a personalised teaching and learning experience which enhances wellbeing and delivers the best possible outcomes for each individual.

Having implemented comprehensive assessment and analysis processes in UK, Malaysia and now Hong Kong , Susan is well positioned to demonstrate how understanding students’ attributes to school and learning, as well as their individual cognitive strengths are essential tools to help schools address key challenges including:

  • Identifying vulnerable groups
  • Investigating under-attainment
  • Implementing and measuring the effectiveness of interventions

School leaders can learn from her query-driven approach to ensuring that her teachers have the information they need to identify and address the learning and pastoral needs of her students.”

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